Flower Care

Flower Care

So you’ve been out to visit, you’ve frozen your fingers in our coolroom making sure you’ve picked the very best of the bunch, and carefully you’ve transported them back to home base. Now what? Don’t worry, we’re here to help with a few basic tips and tricks for keeping your blooms in swoon worthy condition, year round.

Before we begin though, lets knock some frightful floral fallacies off your to-do list. 

Contrary to popular belief, fresh cut flowers do not need nor like to be kept in the fridge, on ice, or under blasting air-conditioning. No one likes a frozen flower.

Although its cute to think that flowers get the taste for flavoured water like we humans are sometimes prone to do, they definitely don’t need lemonade, sugar, or bleach added to their water. Clean, fresh water, replenished daily is best for the blooms - and humans too.

Unless you’re gifted with psychic tendencies, one can’t really predict whether a closed bloom will open in time for your wedding, special event or grandma’s surprise birthday dinner. Despite rumours to the contrary, unfortunately blooms in bud cannot be forced open with hairdryers, warm water, humidity or steam. Flowers are prone to faint when exposed to extremes of temperature, just like Grandma might when everyone jumps out!

Now that we have ditched the dirty rumours, its time for a simple step-by-step care routine.

  1. Start with a spotlessly clean vase (nothing dirty here)
  2. Fill vase two thirds full with tap water (no they’re not picky, they don’t need Evian)
  3. Strip em. Get those stems naked from the waist down (don’t worry, you bought em a drink)
  4. Time for a trim. Take about an inch off the bottom of your stems (it’s ok they’ll still look good without heels, promise)
  5. Plunge time. With your artful eye, arrange the blooms as avant garde as you wish into your vase. (skinny dipping is recommended - no leaves in the water please).
  6. Admire your blooming brilliant floral handiwork. Snap from ten angles for insta. Upload with the hashtags #flowerloversbrisbane #iamnowaflorist



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