Let The Peony Party Begin

Let The Peony Party Begin

Peony. Paeony. Paeonia. However you say it, we all know that these beautiful seasonal blooms are one of the most desired of all varieties. Not a bad feat for a flower!

At Flowerlovers, we are lucky enough to have access to a number of reputable growers and suppliers of the Peony flower worldwide allowing us the privilege of occasionally having access to some of the most desirable flowers, year-round. However there is simply nothing more magnificent than having our favorite flower in season and in abundance locally.

Late last week saw the arrival of our first delivery of Coral Charm Peonies for the Australian Season. Grown in Tasmania, cut and delivered to us within 24 hours these immaculate flowers are some of the best quality we have seen. Starting off a tight golf ball sized bud, and bursting into double petaled blossoms that are up to 20cm wide, the "charm" in these bright blooms comes from the magic moment they start to change colour. Fading from a bright coral to pastel peach and through to a faded antique ivory colour before giving into the end of their life cycle.

Coral Charm as a variety indicate the beginning of the Australian Season, which generally lasts for a little over a month and a half and occasionally longer in favorable conditions. Garden or Tree Peonies, which have a single petal bloom, fleshier foliage and a more flexible stem also become available at the beginning of the season, and in a variety of colours.

As the season progresses, we start to see the more traditional varieties of Peony start to come into bloom. The well loved fluffy pink Sara Bernhardt, Monsieur Jules and Marguerite varieties begin to appear alongside the rich magenta hues of the Dr Greveaux and Red Robin. Its not until mid-to-end of season we begin to see the covetable White and Light Blush varieties come into flower.

Care for Peonies is quite simple. Strip back as much foliage as possible, give them fresh, clean water on a daily basis and do not place them in direct sunlight. Life expectancy for the blooms can differ based on how the variety behaves. If in doubt, ask your friendly Flowerlovers team member to advise you on the best selection for your needs. Stay tuned to our social media for in-season updates, and to be notified when new varieties become available in store.

There's never been a better excuse to throw a #peonyparty

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